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Affordable Earthing Sheets Grounding Sheets

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The Biggest Health Breakthrough this far

Earth yourself while you sleep. It is the feeling of being barefoot on the beach or grass all night long. Earthing in bed is ideal as it grounds you for a third of your life approximately 50 hours a week and more if you have a pillowcase or plush pad for the couch so you can ground while relaxing for another few hours every night.

Sleep deeply like you are camping but in your own bed with electromagnetic fields reduced by a factor of ten compared to the current you are exposed to in your bedroom. Most people realise that they sleep much better when they are sleeping away from a house which is due to the electricity EMF.

Becasue I have to pee in the night it's important that I can get back to sleep before I start thinking and because I am earthed and not affected by the EMF in the room I fall back asleep quickly just like I am camping.

When you walk on the beach barefoot it takes 45 minutes to reset from jet lag but only ten minutes if you lie on the beach or the sheets.

The difference between using a pillowcase and using a full sheet is the difference between standing on the beach or lying on the beach

Restore complete blood flow, reduce inflammation by neutralising positive charged free radicals. I have arthritis and am now waking up pain free.

Sleep better, snore less & heal quicker just the way humans evolved until we invented insulated shoes

My sleep patterns have changed as I no longer need an alarm clock as my sleep is better. I am so well rested that I haven't been back to sleep when I awake in the morning because I'm done, I may as well read or get up because my body doesn't need any more. We have had great feedback from autistic kids who have given up their melatonin pills and are waking up well rested.

Also I used to have problems sleeping on the full moon and would always lose a few hours of sleep but now I'm earthed I no longer seem affected.

We are importing affordable and reliable earthing products and sold thousands of them and have a 100% positive rating on eBay but the are cheaper from here.