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Damiana Herb Tea

Damiana Herb Tea

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Damiana ( Tunera diffusa )

  • A Mexican herb with wonderful muscle relaxing properties.
  • Yang Tonic, Stimulant, Mild laxative and diuretic, Anti depressant, Testostenogenic, Reputed aphrodisiac. Used for bronchitis, nervousness, anxiety and exhaustion.
  • Good as a tea, it can make you a little horny though.
  • Many people like to smoke this as an alternative to smoking cannabis as it has the same muscle relaxing property so when smoked it relaxing them immediately which is a mimic to intial feeling when smoking pot and there is a physiological memmory association that happens because when your body feels the muscle relaxant take affect usually the body then thinks its going to get high next. So it can take the edge off for someone that wants to relax without taking illegal herbs
  • 50 Gram bags

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