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Gia Wellness WiFi Protection Pendant

Gia Wellness WiFi Protection Pendant

  • $345.00
  • Save $55

Wearing this pendant charged with M.R.E.T energy mitigates WiFi exposure

Usually $400 One unit on sale at $370

Wear it or carry it in your pocket

GIAlife™ Classic Pendant

The GIAlife Pendant provides you with a calming, body-worn bioenergetic solution to help you deal with everyday debilitating stress, including electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Stress acts as an age accelerator, and can also compromise our health, immune system, and our body?s natural resistance to negative influences. Experience for yourself the pendant?s unique energy support qualities, which have already improved the quality of life for thousands of people across the world.*

  •  Energetically optimized with ERT™ to reinforce your body's natural resilience to the effects of everyday stress*
  • Supports natural energy and mental performance, especially under pressure*
  • Optimizes your capacity to function in EMF/EMR-saturated environments*

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