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All these films linked here plus much more including slideshows of Gerar's books are available for $10 on DVD in the shop or under Heal Yourself Grow your own cancer doco.

NEW PROJECT: 30 Minute Film Script Completed  July 2019 copyright gerar toye
Premise: If you only had 20 minutes in which to record a video of everything you have learned in life to pass on to your grandchildren,  What would you say? 
Actors needed
Old white woman to be Pearl the old hippy ( note to self see if Lorraine Bailey (82) from the Sullivans is available? )Lead Role 20 minutes
Plato is a five or six year old aboriginal boy supporting role playing a AI doll
Tilly is a 13 year old girl played by Rimu Dana
Zen is  50 year old Male.  I will initially act this role but am keen to see an actual actor play this part. 5 two minute video youtube vlogs "Zen & the art of ironing"
I have invented a new word Namentia as the art of forgetting names to describe this real condition that Zen has.
Victor Kroshinko middle aged male Russian Ukrainian Polish accent (3 minutes)
To be filmed in Bellingen NSW 2020  Funding and help needed
Drone and drone operator needed
Needed digital camera and two radio mics and boom mic
Camera operator and sound person needed
Rachelle will do makeup, foley and continuity.
Peter Kent Editing and sound
If anyone wants to read the script email me
New Script in the pipeline Reality Cafe feb 2020
Two old friends go to the purple carrot cafe in Bellingen 
one orders organic food the other takes the cheaper option
the waiter then adds the additives you get with conventional food.

Grow Your Own Cancer Cure: A 20 minute doco on Cannabis oil. Copy and paste this link into a browser. 

Zen & the Art of Hitch Hiking: An Accountant from Monsanto, dying of cancer comes to New Zealand for a Lord of the Rings excursion but his car breaks down and he meets some gypsies bound for the west coast. (20 Minutes) Super low budget made for only $400 with a broken car we had to push in and out of every shot, broken radio mikes from uni and a goat pissing and shitting on me for two hours in the car. What we do for art!

Watch Zen & the art of hitch hiking at

Progression: A University student is taken 50 years into his future by hypnosis and must decide what to do with the information. (7 Minutes shot on kodak film)

Progression from gerar toye on Vimeo.

  Happily Ever After: An interview with Sleeping Beauty & Lancelot a year after the wedding. (4 Minutes)

Happily Ever After from gerar toye on Vimeo.

My Sweet Revenge is a  feature film in screenwriting stage by gerar toye currently looking for funding, actors and crew. Awaiting adobe software to upload George bush speaking so another actor can be morphed to be George Bush

A political drama set in an unknown country with an Iraqi, A Palestinian, An Indian, An Aussie, A Belgian, An American & A Kiwi. Seven strangers meet online in a chat room and come together for a pot luck dinner party they have all had deaths in their lives due to corporate or American greed. They are angry and full of revenge tendencies which leaves them with ulcers and cancers.In a chance encounter they manage to kidnap George W Bush and hold him in a room for 8 days and have 24 hours each with him. It is a story about Compassion & Forgiveness and how their growth affects George Bush. It is a 90 - minute film with three alternative endings and as an internet release the audience will get to choose which ending they want, to let him go or to keep him.

Internet release $2 donation Subtitles in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czeck, Hebrew, Russian, Iraqi, Afghan, Arabic. To be filmed in Karamea, West Coast South Island. New Zealand Accomadation & Catering provided by LivinginPeace project Rongo Backpackers, & Karamea Farm Baches Funding and sponsorship for this project is needed for its completion Seeking a Producer and or Investors. I imagine that Millions will watch this when it goes viral. Seeking Actors: Someone to be George Bush with a texan accent for the radio play and other actors interested in participating.

Seeking Sound Recordists with equipment Seeking help with research topics: 9/11 inside job, Willy Rodreguiz. Vaccination – autism link or teflon poisoning, Nicagaruian murder of american journalist by CIA which started the legal transfer of funds from Iran contra deal to Nicaragua as precursor proof that the americans have done this before ( I had met a spanish reporter that had his leg blown off in the explosion and found it was CIA C4 explosive) , Aspatame- brain cancer link, Palestinian story, Farmer suicide in India /Monsanto link, I would love to hear from you if you have knowledge on these topics to act as researcher for dialogue script. As I am living in Bellingen NSW Australia until 2022  I hope to complete this script and produce this as a radio show at the 2bbb radio studio.I had applied for funding from the NZ film commission but didn't get it( It went to a zombie movie) and then I had a visit from a special ops agent from the States who came to convince me how foolish I would look if I made this film because he wanted to convince me that he was part of the clean up crew at the Pentagon and had seen the wreckage of flight UA93 in Pennsilvannia so that my facts were wrong. Of course I had to agree with him but it just makes me more adamant that only a non american can make this film. Some of you may be aware that I had a flight to San Francisco late on Sept 10th and it was oversold and United Airlines had bumped my flight so that I would have been on flight UA93 on Sept 11th 2001 that crashed. I believe that Flight 93 was meant to hit world trade centre builing 7 otherwise the explosive charges that brought down the twin towers would have been found. It was the testomony of Willy Rodriguiz the janitor from the twin towers which was deleted from the 9/11 commission. He had reported on the bomb in the basement and had witnessed the crews of Hazmat dressed workers who had access to all service lifts in the buildings for a month prior to the event. Building seven was "Pulled" in a controlled demolition at 5.30pm that day to hide the proof of the thermite explosives. I want my 24 hours with Bush and I intend to make the bastard cry and apologise. 
I am not interested in making documentaries as they only preach to the already informed and I find them depressing. It is my intention to make films that will be entertaining yet poignantly relevant and tell of real events in a narrative story. It is mainstream that we need to reach with these stories and it is supposed that over 100 million Americans realise now that 9/11 was an inside job so there should be many people that would like to see this film. Joel Silverstein was the lease holder of building 1, 2 and 7 and 6 weeks before 9/11 he took out an insurance policy for $ 15 million in case any terrorists flew planes into his buildings in the next year. He was awarded 6 billion dollars because he argued it was two seperate attacks and not one, had flight UA93 hit building 7 he would have got 9 billion dollars, and of course the buildings were full of asbestos and would have cost a fortune to extract legally, better to have this happen and then have all the evidence shipped to china so no forensics could be done.


HOLY COW SHIT A film by Gerar Toye Copyright 2010 SYNOPSIS

Having studied Documentary film making I realise that I can make more impact with those not drawn to documentry style film but instead to use the information I want to convey in conversation in a narrative film.  The film itself is shot handheld with digital cameras and a small crew of four and one actress. Gopro hidden and long lenses. and a drone.

Any foreign extras will be sourced from travellers in India.
To date there still hasn't been a drama that shows the real experience of what happens to a foreigner especially a young woman ( everything is so hollywood) and it is my intention that this films becomes definitive of that experience but with more story and will inspire those to find a way to assist those in need.

This is not a documentary but narrartive fiction based on real stories and shot guerilla style on the street, natural lighting loads of improvisation and random indian shots. Most of the confrontations are going to happen anyway in the first month. Sound track is from Andy Holm of Byron Bay and Panda with his track Sacred Cow.

Joy a 19 year old woman who visits India for the first time and finds herself in a world full of opportunities and contrasts. She goes through a myriad of experiences and must come to terms with the gifts wrapped up in what looks like hassles. She is groped, ripped off, lost and alone with one billion people that all want to talk to her. 

She learns about personal space, boundaries, hygiene, living in the present, honesty, integrity and overall that Acceptance is the art of letting go. She is in a land where babies don’t cry because they accept that there is no point in reacting as it won’t change anything except make you frustrated and attract more attention.

A month later she is walking through a market and a holy cow is having a piss. A Sadhu holy man with dreadlocks past his knees is walking towards her and puts his hand midstream into the cows piss and flicks it over Joy as they pass. ( This is an event that happened to me in Varanasi and I have never heard of it happening to anyone else.) Everyone in the audience will react. She is briefly horrified but soon realises that she has been blessed by a holy man, a holy cow in a holy city on the Ganges and takes pleasure in the accelerated pace of understanding. She has finally learnt the ultimate wisdom of India to accept life the way it is and to look for the joy and beauty in every experience. This becomes her ephiffany and she later explains it to another.

Later she is cruising in the Indian experience and feeling compassion she gives 100 rupees to a beggar and she tells another traveller in the rooftop restaurant. The hotel manager interrupts to explain that the beggar won’t get the money but it will go to the man who burnt his eyes out. Horrified but grasping the concept quickly, she feels saddened and helpless at the actuality of the system of charity and extortion and that she is part of the problem not the solution.

She discovers from many conversations with travellers the flaws in the world of charities even from my personal experience when I went to visit Mother Teresa where all they asked me for was money. The average spend by charities is 36% on administration alone and many philanthropists are wary of the lack of transparency with the current system. This gives a chance to explain the vision of Paul Forest from Bellingen and the charity project to revamp and change the worlds donation model. The best character for this would be to cast Paul Forest as himself who tells her about cluster and the global gypsy cafe project. The cafe is based on the conscious cafe vegan menu from Byron Bay and run by orphans and children of sex workers and supervised by woofer volunteers giving service. It has a welcoming feeling and it is inspiring and runs on good will and paying it forward. There is a notice board with images of locals who are looking for skills. (more info about this under global gypsy cafe project) It would be great to have a live link with other cafes in the world so they could see the street scene outside the cafe.

It is at the cafe that she meets Kiva (played by Rimu's twin brother Kiva ) who is a volunteer at the cafe and eventually they travel together to Hampi and to Kerala where they do the backwater trip from Cochin to Allepey

The initial plan was to base this cafe in the holy town of Pushkar in Rajastaan where gypsies originated before they headed to Europe. Another cafe could be established in Mcloud Ganj - Dharamsala home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan community in exile in the Himalayas. There would be a huge input of travellers that would love the chance to interact and help the Tibetan community, even if it is just teaching english, speaking, reading and writing.

She reads about Suri and heads off to find her to see if there is anything she can teach her.

Suri's father who has been growing Monsanto bt bringal (eggplants) and has struggled constantly to make a living. He was doing fine until Monsanto seeds and roundup was used on the land. Every year the soil is depleted and the costs of seeds and herbicides goes up. Only Monsanto roundup ready seeds can be used on the land and the plants have a terminator gene so that it is not viable to save and replant. Her 2 year old brother Ajay died from roundup poisoning which caused a lot of tension in the family. The financial stress affected her father so much that he kills himself ( Thousands of farmers kill themselves each week because of monsanto, probably about 500 000 by the time we make this film scheduled in 2022)

Joy takes the train to Suri’s stop and they go back to the family leased land. She sees the poisoned soil and tries planting some crops but they all die as the soil is contaminated by roundup. She sees the effects on the family and spends the night with them and leaves determined to find out more about what they have been through. She meets many other travellers on trains. Buses & ferries who passionatly account stories of Monsanto around the world with facts about suing organic farmers for breach of patent rights & cross contamination from pollination by bees or wind

She finds that billions of bees have died because they have been in GM fields and from neonicitanoids Monsanto has a rule that no GM foods are sold in their cafeteria.

Cameras are installed into the railway carriage so the natural performances of the riders makes it completely real. While the actors know their script it is the surrounding passengers that add the character and sounds

This can be repeated many times perfecting it in variant times and locations as editing is critical

When she has access to the internet she starts to research Monsanto worldwide and finds 25 million pages dedicated to telling the monsanto story and can’t believe what she finds as she discovers more that hundreds of thousands of farmers have committed suicide. (and in america). Angry at the discovery she looks for solutions and finds out about the New Zealander Peter Proctor and the work he has been doing in Maharastra state by converting poisoned and unproductive chemical farms into organic productive farms. He is doing this through the anthroposophical process of bio dynamic agriculture.

The method has helped change the way the state government can assist and they have started training teachers to train the farmers how to convert their land to organics using bio dynamic preps mainly made from holy cow shit, straw and the time to prepare them.

There is a doco called One Cow, One Planet One People which covers this topic

Joy books Suri, Kiva and herself in for a training program where they learn the art of bio dynamic agriculture and see uplifting transformations in the land and farmers lives using the techniques and eating the healthy produce. After all the compost pile is just Holy Cow Shit, straw, some love and the time to make it, exactly what the Inidans have not money for chemicals and seeds each year.

Film concludes with them heading back to the farm and starting to use the practice to convert Suri’s farm with all the family helping to make their first compost pile and preparations using holy cow shit.

While Peter Proctor is too old to travel back to India, (He is 83) he is happy to contribute and have an actor visit him to mimic his mannerisms or even better to shoot an indian classroom scene in Hawkes Bay where Peter lives.

This is an important film as Peter has created a change which over time will probably spread through every Indian state where a possibility stands that this could turn much of India into an organic nation of farmers, free from the control of chemical companies. Sri Lanka has just recently banned monsanto as has 50 countries so far.

More people need to know what this company is doing and how it is affecting all beings in this world. It is now proven that GM foods carry their code through mothers milk into the baby. Cross contamination has happened where the mutations have moved beyond the species of plant created into mutations in other wild species. Monsanto want to control the worlds food supply and have purchased many seed banks around the world only to destroy them. They are patenting the genetic code for every plant possible including those of animals so they can take your stock as their own if you don’t pay them for it..They have developed an aluminium resistant gene due to chemrails dispersion of aluminium from chemtrails. Monsanto has now been bought by Bayer as Monsanto has such a bad reputation.

76% of New Zealanders were against genetic testing in Aotearoa yet bowing to lobbying by an aggressive company Helen Clark allowed testing in NZ.

Obama passed the Monsanto protection act that can also be mentioned, where monsanto can never be held responsible even if their food kills its consumers. The film concludes with asking for donations for the project. This concept can then be replicated in many countries helping thousands of travellers interface and teach skills to thousands of recipients and training many orphans and sex workers giving them life skills.

This film will educate and inspire others how to help others while travelling by getting involved and getting their hands dirty and doesn't have to involve money. 

Give a man a meal and feed him for a day.

Teach him (how to cook) how to farm naturally and feed his village for a lifetime

If you are inspired to donate to make these happen please buy from the shop or email me.

The approximate budget to make this film is $50 000 for a crew of eight for at least three months in India probably six months. It is intended to make this film available for free on the net with an asking price on conclusion of $2 to make this a reality so we can establish more cafes and make more inspiring films. $1 for cafe $1 for film fund.

As we will need is a cafe to film the cafe scenes we can rent premises for a week or alternatively we can just set up the first cafe if anyone wants to be an angel of an investor and put in $10 000 we can establish it as a reality.

We will also be filming the making of documentary of the film and running a vlog channel for utubers as Joy will be doing a video journal entry daily, one channel like she is a you tuber to fans and the other for the doco.

This film has multiple purposes but will hopefully inspire other film makers to mimic the concept of wrapping the info of a doco into a narrative cinematic film with subliminal messaging.

Let's change the world together.