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Global Gypsy Gallery

Global Gypsy Inspirational Emporium

The Old Butter Factory, Bellingen, NSW Australia

Open 6 Days 9 am - 4 pm at 1 Doepel St. 500 meters east of Bellingen

Closed Tuesdays

Come and visit the global gypsy gallery at the old butter factory. 

Affordable Earthing Sheets for better sleep, blood flow and less inflammation

WiFi  Protection from Tesla and Cellphone radiation protection by Blusheild

Parasite  & Virus Zappers

Mens Hemp and linen clothing by Kashi

Sacred geometry from Aurilien Pumiyana & Inspirational ideas on cards, books and journals from the global gypsy

Damiana and Red Sparrow teas

Bone and Jade carvings 

Brazilian, mexican and aussie swinging hammocks

Japanese, Indian and Tibetan incense

Tibetan weaving and scarves

Indian Throws, bedspreads and sarongs

Handmade Pottery cups, plates and teapots

Second Hand Books, DVDs and CD's

Casual cotton and hemp clothing and fishermans pants

Pre Loved Clothing in Natural Fabrics silks, cottons and linens

Doterra Essential oils, Magnesium Oil, Colloidal Silver, Tongue Scrapers

Orgastic Self Massage Stick that really works

Crystals and sparklies

Solar Ovens and Solar LED Lanterns

Pinhole Glasses for eye muscle exercise

Tiny Trailer Homes - Affordable Housing

Molecular Resonance Energy Therapy water converter 

Global Gypsy Upcycled shirts made from scraps of rayon for adults & children