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Global Gypsy Charity Poject

Work for Global Gypsy Cafe, Charity Project


This is a huge vision and I can not pull this off by myself as I need a team of


people to make it happen and a whole lot of money. I am happy to contribute


a percentage of all I earn to the not for profit global gypsy society to advance


these ideas. But as a solo parent I can only do so much and for the next few 


years while the twins are at school I am limited in time and funds. 




The Vision: To establish a network of travellers cafes throughout the world 


as a franchise concept operating on a not for profit basis to act as an 


interface between those with skills with those that want to learn something 


new to improve their futures. Each cafe will be run by volunteers which will 


be training those less fortunate like orphans and the children of sex workers.


These people have a bleak future unless they can be upskilled. It is hoped 


that some of the positions will be paid to establish the cafe and those that 


cannot donate the time can maybe donate towards its implementation like 


leasing premises or land for growing organic food for the cafe. Grants could


be provided to enlist a permaculture manager to train and oversee the farm 


in 6 month blocks. I see a cafe which operates on a pay it forward system 


where you are encouraged to pay what something is worth and by what you 


can afford. This system has been tried before in India and in California with 


great success. There will photographs of those wanting to learn a skill and a 


profile on notice boards in the cafe so travellers can identify directly with 


them. I am not forseeing people fixing peoples homes but directly relating 


and teaching practical skills. It is hoped to have a classroom upstairs and 


paid translators available and If you can teach one person then we could 


advertise in the community to see who else wants to learn this topic 


because if you can teach one person you can teach ten. The cafe could also 


use the classroom for documentary and film screenings and live music 


events with travelling musicians. Lonely Planet would most likely get behind


the project and promote this in their Volunteer travel guide.




THE WEBSITE: A website could be established or 


another name where we could create a global site where those with 


knowledge can exchange to those that want to receive. We trialled 


skillsharing in 


Karamea in NZ where those in the local community chose a day in the 


month of January to offer skills to the community all for free. One day was 


flax weaving, another a tour of a permaculture farm, composting toilets, free


hydro electric power plants, chainsaw use and maintenance. It was hugely 


succesful and a lot of knowledge was shared and everyone benefited, both 


givers and receivers. 











The Back story: In my many years travelling in India i have taught many 


hundreds of people how to juggle and play didjeridoo ( using cardboard 

tubes from fabric), two things I could share which didn't need education &


little language, two things that if practiced they could produce an income for 


an unskilled person with a little practice and symbolically if you can learn a 


new skill which you thought you could never do then what else is 


achieveable if you took the time to try something different. 


I went to offer my services and skills to Mother Teresa in Calcutta however 


hit a brick wall with the administration. I had offered life time royalties from 


any photographs I might take of her doing her daily business, not taking her


time or posing for photographs. These response from them just asking for 


money which I didn't have, however my skills could provide them with many 


thousands of dollars over time. I was dissillusioned with this process and 


honored there rules of no photographs however I did get to hang out with 


Mother Teresa who just wanted me to pray. In hindsight I wish I hadn't of 


followed their rules as i had my instamatic pentax in my pocket & the image


I wish I had taken was of her barefeet on the concrete floor. Mother Teresa 


was born with deformed toes where they all splayed out at a 45 degree 


angle and to me it was more my style of image, but it didn't happen and she


died not long afterwards. I later went on to work at Dr Jacque's clinic in 


Calcutta until the monsoon rain flooded the marquee we were 


operating out of with water up past our knees.



THE MOVIE: Holy Cow Shit is a film I am writing to promote this idea and 

raise the funds to establish this concept. I need a cafe to shoot a scene for

the film but if someone wants to donate maybe we don't need a set but can 

actually set up the first cafe instead. Please read the synopsis for the film on

the film page. I feel this film will launch the project worldwide for funding.



The Future: I see the possability of this concept being expanded throughout

the world (like Pokhara and Thamel, Nepal, Hoi An in Vietnam, Angkor Wat

in Cambodia etc.) and replicated as a franchise of not for profit cafes using 

the skills of travellers to make the world a better place. This way no one is 

specifically using resources flying around the world as the helpers are 

always out there, India alone has five million tourists a year and many more 

mature travellers are looking for ways to make a difference. I am excited by 

the amount of younger woofers that have stayed with me and at Rongo's 

and the Living in Peace project in Karamea and have been inspired to want 

to learn, share and help. There is no better high than giving. This doesn't 

just have to be restricted to third world countries but for instance could work

in places like Alice Springs and Darwin training Aboriginals who want to 

learn skills. There are also many global travellers coming through Australia

that have more empathy than many Australians but no way to interface with 

the aboriginal community.







George Bernard Shaw





Work for global gypsy & Yourself






Do you have a retail outlet or a friend with a shop, does the markets or festivals?





Then you can order product wholesale and make some money by turning others





onto products that actually inspire and create small changes in the receivers. 





Few products actually inspire growth and it is ideas that do that. Check out the 



wholesale page for the catalogue and find out who buys global gypsy products.





Find Distribution and Sales Contacts






I am looking for someone who can be the home central office in the USA and in 





Europe, probably Germany which can send out quantities of books or cards to those 





who order from the internet and from shops. It needs to be someone who is settled and 





has some space in a dry shed, room or garage. We have 125 shops in Australasia so 





the potential in Europe could be 500 - 1000 shops which would provide the income for 





management of global gypsy and like minded suppliers and provide income so I can 





make movies that will inspire and create change and make the global gypsy cafe 





project a reality. This would not happen until the new SEEK book is completed.





I could then do the Birmingham and Frankfurt Trade shows to collect shops which 





would then need servicing for reorders by post.





I am looking for Sales Reps anywhere in the world that sell into the new age or 





alternative market although the new SEEK BOOK will be more mainstream.





If you do markets or festivals anywhere in the world I can provide stock that can 





compliment your existing stock. I am looking for assistance in setting up distribution 





channels in advance in your country. This is what I would need you to do.













Go to your favourite store and ask to speak to the buyer. You might have to make an 





appointment as the buyers are not always in the shop,





Show them the colour book and tell them you represent an artist who has sold 15 000 





books & half a million cards and we are looking for the name & contacts of who could 





be the best Distribution and Sales company that could sell these books and or cards in 





your country.





Tell them the next book is 300 pages hardback and will be in English with 10pt 





translations in  French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, 





Mandarin and Japanese.





The Seek book will NOT contain and drug references or nudity images even though the





public like the edgy choices the latest book will be G rated so a good family book of 





inspirational ideas. This is ideal for corporate gifting and fundraisers for schools and 





clubs. There shouldn't be any resistance from shop buyers.





Stock of the Smile book, Black and white & the Colour book is available now in the U.K. 





From our office near Belfast. These books have never been sold in any shops in 










All three books have sold out of the first run and have all been reprinted in Australia, 





Sweden and New Zealand and will be superseeded by the Seek and You will find book.





What do they think would be the suggested wholesale price be to shops?





What would be the suggested Retail price be to customers?





Who would be the best three distributors we should approach in your country?





This is the most important question as finding the distribution channel is paramount to 





having people involved who already supply to thousands of outlets. It was a friend who





has managed to connect with Alpha Omega distribution in Madrid to take 500 copies of





the new SEEK book in ten languages, however it is not yet finished but will be ready in 2015





Would they like to try them in their store?





Let me know if they want to and I can then send them a catalogue from here with some 





free samples. Email me first so I know what you are up to in which country and can give





you specific advice






Manage the Sales & Distribution of the Orgastick Worldwide






An offer is available for someone to take the orgastick to market worldwide.





Imagine a massage stick that means you can massage your back as hard as you like 





for as long as you like which weighs only 265 grams. Let me know if you are interested.





This is based on the Shiatsu pressure point system however actaully offers deep tissue 





relief as well. Reccomended retail price is $49 australian






Please check out the invest in global gypsy page or in the web shop