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Parkinson's disease Research

Parkinson's research 

Hi there here is some current research tools

I bought the mens shed bucket led for $300  and the Israeli hand held far  infrared for $600 for my gut and had them for six weeks and no improvement so far but then I haven't got Parkinsons normal its PD Plus Multiple Systems Atrophy and I've gone off the PD meds madpopar because they didn't actually do anything except lower my blood pressure so that means it's not PD right?! I will ad my PD story after the article

my parkinsons journey male age 60 diagnosed 6 months ago

18 months ago

i was playing tennis 4 times a week and now i'm in hospital looking for care homes. actually it's not really parkinson's because the dopamine meds don't do anything but lower my blood pressure so i'm going off them because they give me more pills to raise blood pressure. They are calling It parkinsons plus or msa multiple system atrophy it probably started five years with erectile dysfunction and then loss of bladder control incorrectly diagnosed by a urologist as prostate issues cos he was too rich to put his finger up my bun. psa level was only 1 but he sent me for a turp to rebore the prostate. ct scans and mri were normal but i lost all my balance so it looks like i'm drunk or walk like a zombie but with hands at my side hardly moving. its not like vertigo its more like i'm on a 24/7 bungy junp but the fun has worn off, like i'm on a big ball spinning through space at 50000 miles an hour. every step is a possible fall and standing on a stone or a prickle or pen can make me topple and i have no ability to self correct. I've lost bladder control and basically incontinent and only have 5 seconds I need to pee so wear incontinence pads 24/7 I've lost some facial expressions and look grumpy most of the time even though i'm not. My speech is quite slurry so do the acting projects I envisioned and my handwriting is ratty my signature has changed. i can no longer do up buttons or zips or even roll a joint pretty frustrating for someone who could in a sandstorm on the back of a camel!. in fact the first time i fell over was just throwing a roach away and with the force of the throw i experienced newtons law that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. So here I am after every healing I can find i've been through denial and trying to ignore and its getting worse. Gone are my days of making my weekly rent with 12 minutes of fire juggling with the gypsies and now I type this with one finger and i realise people have written books with just one eyelid.

I'm grateful for my beautiful life and friends although they are scattered around this planet and not sure where i'll end up. I may not even make it back to New Zealand again due to jabs and student loan rules thankfully they'll let me stay in hospital here in Bellingen with a great crew and looks like i'll be in here at least a month until somewhere safer than the bus turns up. If I haven't told you recently that I love you then I love you. Crease out.! If you ever get to read my new script “whoever has the most fun, wins” you'll understand. Life is too short to work Go forth and live your dream. XXX

Since then a month later I fell again and been in hospital 2 weeks and now my bladder has given up . I've gone from incontinence  having only 5 seconds warning to not peeing at all so bladder had 1100ml in and they put in catheter its wonderful to have a bag and save an hour a day changing pads , racing to the bucket and getting up at night 10-15 times cos now I need an electric cos I can't move in bed.