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Tiny Homes

Be A Part of The Tiny House Revolution


The tiny house movement is taking the world by storm. People are becoming increasingly excited in the idea of downsizing, or buying their first property, and living in a tiny house.

Global Gypsy Trailer Homes are excited to offer innovative and cost effective Tiny Homes for sale. These beautiful tiny homes are ideal for those who are seeking an environmentally friendly, healthy lifestyle, which can be moved or placed in situ.

Tiny homes are traditionally constructed on trailers, making them completely mobile. With the latest in space saving designs you can have truly have it all. You can own a beautiful home, freedom to travel and interiors that allow you to live life with ease and comfort.

There are so many options when it comes to Tiny Home living. Imagine the freedom to be able to live, how you want to and where you want to.

An exciting development in the Tiny Home revolution is being able to buy land with like minded souls to create your very own eco village with fellow Tiny Home dwellers seeking an extraordinary lifestyle. You could be part of creating a true Utopian community, self sustaining, kind to the environment, off the grid and aesthetically beautiful.

Are you planning to build your own home? Then a Tiny Home may be the perfect solution for you to be able to live on site while the build is in progress. Once your house is built the Tiny Home can be used for extra accommodation or you can sell it to free up land and capital.

You can even use these Tiny Houses as a smart investment opportunity, to rent or to offer as a holiday home for travellers who want to experience something more personal than a hotel. The options to get returns on your investment are endless.

The return on investment is fantastic at 15% if the home is rented out at $150 per week and in reality it can be used as an AirBNB and you could get $120 per night and mark it as unavailable when you have your own friends to stay.

Because there is no need for a permit for a trailer home you can park them anywhere on your property and not have to obtain permits for a dwelling.

There is no better time to be involved in the Tiny House Revolution. Invest now to secure the tiny home of your dreams. Invest in freedom. Invest in Life.

The less you want, the more you have.

More pages and designs coming soon.

Deposit to arrival in 120 days. Then we reassemble them in Bellingen NSW  and will have them certified for road use. All units will have a shower and running hot water to the sink with a porta potty, some will want composting loos. The water just needs plugging into a hose connection.

If you have different needs or requirements we can look at that as some may choose to have a floating loft that decends on a remote winch so you wouldn’t need a ladder, which gives more head room and you don't need to make the bed , just send the loft into the roof at the push of a button.


Tiny Tailer Home with King size Loft 2.1m x 5 meter $35000


Tiny Trailer Homes Double Loft $39500 this will have a floating loft which descends to sit on the lounge for night sleeping and with a press of the remote it sends the bed back to the roof.


Pod $25 000


Newly made  Pop up shop 6m x 2.4 Insulated Panels $13000


6 meter x 5 meter with Deck & 75mm Insulated Panels & double glazed sliding doors $29500 AUS


6 meter x 2.4 meter with  75mm Insulated Panels and double glazed sliding doors $17 500 AUS


The new design is based on the Gypsy Vardo style but double axle on a new trailer with electric brakes steel framed and safety glass but with two pull out rooms which extend this trailer home into 6meters by 5 meters the size of 2 shipping containers but condenses to 2.1 meter x 5 meter trailer. 2 tonne Still in design phase...

I am looking for investors to launch this business in Australia and in New Zealand. Investments start at $25 000