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Welcome to Global Gypsy Wholesale 

We at global gypsy sell, unique ‘idea’ delivery systems of inspirational Cards & Books.  

Timeless spontaneous photographic moments, captured by the Imagist Gerar Toye are complimented with life philosophies or positive propaganda written by Gerar over twenty years travelling constantly around this planet.  

Global Gypsy greeting cards have been translated into six languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch & Portuguese. This opportunity will increase your sales, as your customer and recipients will naturally relate to the strangely familiar insights.

Global Gypsy is currently, the only publisher in the world to provide this service, on the back of each folded card

Images and insights are recognised by travellers of the mind, body & spirit collective cleverly disguised as customers in your shop.
Who buys the books? Humans! if you have any, they all like ideas.
Coffee table or for their toilet, they buy them with well over half a million sales.

However now I have a shop of my own and twins in school I can't galavant around and find new shops there are only about 25 active outlets in Australia and about 15 in New Zealand. So join the family and inspire your customers.

This unique range appeals to men and women of all ages and is particularly excellent at engaging men, in their own shopping experience. 
Then the girlfirends just get on with their shopping.
The inspired, the traveller and the creative stereotype respect the sincerity of being offered a product of substance. 

Global Gypsy books are traditionally bound, hard cover & with dust jackets. Books will achieve the intended target, when placed in small stacks near your front counter and in random spaces. Many retailers report multiple sales from their regular customers as they like to gift these books or journals to their friends..

Card & Book racks come with a laminated Price Card $4.95 or $5 $5.50 $5.95 $6

Wholesale prices are the same in Australian or in New Zealand Dollars

Wall Racks are great in shops with little room and are ideal for shelf ends or hanging on your door, estimate $1000 profit per year.  

Counter Racks spin and hold 24 cards and three different books, estimate $1500 profit per year.

Free Standing Wire Spinner Racks are great for shop entrances and attract more clients into the store with the wheel and brakes making it easy to relocate. Estimate $2500 profit per year. 
Busy outlets boast $4000 & way more if you account for the distracting of men so their women can shop uninterupted.

Global Gypsy have sold 500,000 Cards & more than 15,000 Books  

Cards cost $2.20 each and retail at $5 incl envelope although some shops sell them cheaper They are $2.50 with plastic poly bags and have a much longer shelf life x 5
We are the cheapest ‘real card for real people’ available today.  

Design Selection: We will change your card design rack selection with any design, in the current range (90 images) only when returned with re-orders.  

Damaged Cards: Any curled or damaged cards will be replaced at no charge only when returned with re-orders.

Accounts are due in 28 days. 
Global Gypsy’s new book, ‘Seek & you will find’ will be available in Eight languages, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech,Japanese & Russian which is guaranteed to increase sales unknown pubication date, work in progress

Magnets are $4 each

Stickers are $1.50 each

A4 Laminated Posters are $5 each

Journals are $10 each

Global Gypsy Books are $16 each 

Order forms and catalogues are available at bottom of page

I can send you a 28 page catalogue by email if you like 5mb