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Earthing Pillowcase

  • $79.00

97% Cotton grounding  pillowcase with 3% silver fibre for earthing yourself while in bed just the way we evolved. A pillowcase is handy because you can have it in bed as well as on the couch if you are relaxing in the lounge so you may as well be on the beach for a few more hours before you go to bed. Many people have a pillowcase as well as a sheet so they can have pillow on couch and swap it to the bed when your sheet is in the wash.

50cm x 80cm pillowcase with zipper . Do not force bigger than normal pillows into the case as you may damage the zipper. You must not cover this with another case. Not good for hair sprays, dry shampoo or chemicals as they may damage silver conductivity. Also do not wash in chlorine. bleach, conditioners, Nappy San or other oxy whiteners which will destroy the conductivity.

It comes with 4.5 meter cable and an Australia & New Zealand earth plug.

Enjoy better sleep, blood flow, reset cortisol, have less inflammation and heal quicker.

Pillowcases come with a free Smile book or India Journal or Reflections Journal. You can request specifically otherwise it will be random usually a reflections journal ($15 Value)

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