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Magnets, Stickers & Free E cards

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  • These Free E cards can be dragged onto your desktop so you can share them on social media as they have my website on the side so hopefully someone else will come for a look to see my art and life's passion and devotion. Please post the link with the image so people come to my site
  • They are copyrighted and are not free for any commercial endevour and permission must be requested from gerar toye regards reproduction.
  • Heavy Duty Fridge Magnets
  • 90mm x 90mm
  • Strong enough to hold the Phone Bill to the Fridge
  • This page just shows the images of stickers and magnets but you can't buy them from this page, you can only look, then choose the photo you like from images and insights page and select magnet or square sticker from the drop down menu under the word 'card'

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