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Terminator II Parasite & Virus Zapper and 2 9v batteries and a free Smile book and free postage in oz & nz

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This is the - GREEN Terminator Zapper designed and manufactured by Don Croft in Idaho U.S.A. &  comes with TWO 9v batteries.  The Terminator Zapper requires one 9 volt alkaline battery.   The Terminator Zapper is a mere 3" long, 2" wide, and 1" thick. 20mm x 50mm x 85mm For more info on the Terminator Zapper please visit Don and Carol Croft's website at World Without Parasites. see this utube clip with don croft and david wolfe at longevity seminar

The photo shows the terminator and the smaller purple basic made in California for comparrison..

.All pathogens - bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites - have a frequency. in which they cannot cope.  Wearing a Terminator Zapper transmits frequencies that can kill these pathogens. The Terminator Zapper uses 15hertz frequency to move a constant supply of free electrons through the skin of compatance. 15 hertz is used because this frequency also produces a mild euphoric effect. Only five millionths of an ampere go into the body far below a harmful level but it's devastating to all species of  parasites.

‘All parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged. The zapper introduces negative ions through the skin and into the body’s living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue.’          Don Croft

This is not to be used by anyone with a pacemaker.

I have seen amazing results with herpes overnight when a cold sore was about to present to nothing in the morning.Viruses hide inside cells but get zapped when they come out to reproduce.

Reports from the USA have shown great benefits for those with  Lyme disease.

It is recommended to wear your Terminator Zapper until the first battery is dead and then replace them and use until the next battery is used. Then on an as needed basis (if you start to feel ill or not up to par - wear your Terminator Zapper).  Be sure to drink plenty of clean fresh water (not city tap water, please) to help flush the kidneys of dead/dying pathogens the Terminator is eliminating from the body.  Some people may have a herxheimer (detox) effect.  IF this happens to you, you can use the Terminator just a few hours each day to lessen the detox, again though plenty of clean fresh water to help flush the body of toxins and gradually increase the time you wear it to what is most comfortable for you.

Please READ the Terminator Zapper instructions, prior to wearing your Terminator.  IF your Terminator Zapper starts to sting, itch, or zap your skin you MUST move it elsewhere as it can burn through the skin. I didn't have any negative affects though.

When sleeping, the Terminator Zapper can be worn in a sock near your ankle or base of foot.  We recommend, that IF you have an issue with carpal tunnel in your right hand, wear your Terminator at night on the palm of your right hand OR if you have trouble with your left knee, wear your Terminator at night on the pad of your left foot.  We believe the closer you wear the Terminator Zapper to the part of your body that is having health issues, the better and more quickly it will work to help alleviate that particular health issue. 

When you wear your Terminator Zapper daily, any stinging, itching, or zapping will lessen, as it cleanses your body of toxins, parasites, and alkalizes your system, unless you continue to acidify your system by eating acidic foods, smoke cigarettes, drink sodas, etc. 

We have had no less than excellent healthy results using the Terminator Zapper which is why we use the Terminator and sell it. Legally, we cannot tell you about our personal such, if you haven't researched zapper use already, we would strongly suggest doing a search for zapper info and reading about it on the internet.  We also recommend reading one or more of the following books: "The Body Electric", by Robert O. Becker, MD; Any of Dr. Hulda Clark's Books: "The Cure for All Diseases", "The Cure for All Cancers", "The Cure for HIV/AIDS", "The Cure for ALL Advanced Cancers", and her latest book The Prevention of ALL Cancers which includes a 3-week program for curing cancer and a cancer curing program for pets that utilizes zapping as part of her protocol. 

We have found good results using Terminator Zappers with pets.  Don Croft recommends applying the zapper to the tummy area, preferably an area with as little fur as possible.  Make sure the two copper discs touch the pet's skin and keep on the pet for 30 minutes each day.  We find, applying a Terminator Zapper to the pads of a dog's paw is useful as well, just as people wear it on the pad of their foot at night when sleeping.  Always keep in mind when using with pets that it can sting or zap them just as it does people, so if you attach it to their body, keep an eye on them or watch for signs that it is bothering them.  I have found that applying a Terminator to the furry leg of a dog with 3m self-adhesive bandage for a few hours, can burn through the fur and skin if you don't watch it, but is excellent for some arthritic or limb paralysis issues.  

 Zappers come with a free Smile book or India Journal or Reflections Journal. You can request specifically otherwise it will be random ($15 Value) 

Terminator Zapper maintenance: 

  • We recommend you clean the copper discs (electrodes) with your favorite tooth paste. As your body detoxes, it tarnishes the copper discs, so cleaning them is important to make sure you are getting the best contact and use from your Terminator.
  • Replace the 9 volt battery with an Alkaline battery. One 9 volt battery operates at peak performance for 96 hours. So, if I were dealing with a dis-ease such as cancer, I would run through at least 4 batteries. Depending on the battery you buy, if you wait for the light to go out, the time frame could be 2 to 4 weeks, if wearing your Terminator 24/7. 

Two 9 volt batteries are  included,  These are the newest, latest, and greatest Terminator Zapper models created by Don Croft in June 2012. Comes with a free journal or smile book or cards from my collection. Request specifically or random surprise 


What is the Terminator II? 
 This Terminator Zapper has everything, natural crystal, orgone material, neodymium magnet, mobius coil, etc. This is a premium zapper if you can afford it, this one feels like it does more otherwise go for the basic one.


Terminator Zapper Testimonials:

I started using the TZ on Saturday, April 18th.............I mainly wanted it as a detox device because I had shingles over 20 years ago and a couple of times a year I have flare ups..........From what I've heard, it never leaves the system.

In the past month, I've had symptoms which indicated heavy metal poisoning..........tingling lips, metallic taste, cold hands and feet, chronic fatigue, slurred speech.............I went to the doctor and was tested for a stroke.........Thank God it was negative..........but still had these symptoms and more...........My doctor said,"Maybe you just have a virus"......???

That's when I knew I was on my own with this.................Anyway, I started zapping and taking a product called PCA-RX which I discussed with Don Croft that safely chelates heavy metals.

Well it's almost 2 weeks later and all these things are almost all gone with the occasional shingles feeling on my arm and I only zap for 2-3 hours a day. 

An added benefit is my hypertension Is no longer!..........I've had a constant diastolic in the low 90's even on meds. My readings this week have been in the mid 70's.........I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes!

Well, that's about it for now and thanks again.
Al C


I have used your zapper for years. Don't exactly know what is going on health wise, but just if I ever start loosing energy I put on the zapper and leave it on all day for days. Really has helped me.

Would like to order another.

Please advise and thanks.

Frank M.


I have been suffering progressively worse and worse joint pain in my hips, knees, wrists, back, elbows etc etc.... I had started to suspect Lyme's disease. After a couple of uses - it is all but gone! I did get sick after a few days of using it and I thought I might be detoxing too fast so I put it away for a few days but my "cold" got worse and worse. Then I thought I might have made a wrong move and put it back on yesterday and am starting to feel better... 



I bought this zapper for my boyfriend as he suffers with Asthma.

He has noticed a dramatic difference in his lungs after only a few days.

He rarely has to take his inhaler and is feeling very good. 

I have just ordered myself a zapper to jump on this band wagon! =)

Best Regards,
Susan B.


I received the Terminator a few days ago, thanks! 
My first experiences are positive (except for some little burns on my arms):

  • I don't need that much sleep anymore
  • I have a feeling of being 'lighter'
  • I have a more peaceful feeling inside
  • And I enjoy music a lot more because I hear the sounds much clearer now
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    The Terminator Zapper is not intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease; not intended to affect the structure of any function of the body; not intended for medical or therapeutic purpose. All information is for educational purposes only. The Terminator Zapper has not been licensed by the FDA or AMA for use on humans, animals, or plants.  Do not experiment with a zapper if pregnant or wearing a pace maker. Talk with a health professional before attempting any self-health program.

    Gerar Toye & do not guarantee results from the use of the Zapper and are just the distributors of  Don Croft Zappers Down Under

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