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202 Perhaps evolution wasn't such a good idea

202 Perhaps evolution wasn't such a good idea

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    Orang Utang. Sepilok Sabah, East Malaysia 1985 
  • Photo & Imagism by Gerar Toye 
  • I didn't own a camera at this time but saw this orangutan steal the can from a bag and sink his tooth into the top. So i ran 100 meters down the track and stole a camera off a french girl and got only one shot before it was gone, up a tree.
  • These cards are foldable and blank inside and come with an envelope
  • They are 150mm x 105mm when folded with C6 envelope
  • Most of them have the quote translated on the back in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese
  • Magnets are strong and 90mm x 90mm
  • Square Stickers are 90mm x 90mm Good for water bottles  or iphones
  • Laptop Stickers are 50mm x 210mm  Pimp your fridge or laptop

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