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Short Films DVD

Short Films DVD

  • $10.00

This is a collection of short films I made while doing my Fine Arts degree at Canterbury University

You can watch them for free the links are on my film page under more on home page

DVD comes in a sleeve but no fancy packaging or cover

GrowYour Own Cancer Cure: Doco 20 minutes: Chemotherapy or Cannabis Oil.? What would Gandhi do?
Is Civil Disobedience the solution? Why are we waiting until we have cancer?

Zen & the Art of Hitch Hiking:

Drama 20 minutes: Monsanto accountant Dick Sweeney has an adventure in Middle Earth. $400 Budget


Drama 7 minutes. Shot on 400 feet of lm: Uni student gets taken into his future. What will he do with the insight

Twin Gibberish:

Sound bite, One minute: My Four year old twins at playcentre

Happily Ever After:

Interview 4 minutes: Interview with Sleeping beauty 12 months after she is woken up by Lancelot the Westie

Living in Peace Project, Karamea:

Doco 8 minutes by Pass It On Films: A look at the Permaculture Project in Karamea West Coast of New Zealand with visionary founder Paul Murray

global gypsy slideshow:

A journey through gerar’s books of imagery and insights

WARNING: Ideas expressed in these lms may change your life & the lives of those around you.

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