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Zeolite Powder 25 gm

Zeolite Powder 25 gm

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zeolite mineral powder


screened to -10 micron particle size

Zeolite is a natural mineral compound formed when volcanic lava and ash entered the ocean’s salt water 300 million years ago. Zeolite is an incredible compound that detoxifies the body at a cellular level.

Zeolite is one of the very few negatively-charged naturally occurring minerals. Its negative charge attracts and absorbs positively-charged toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and radiation. Its molecules have a unique cage-like structure that traps these particles and protect them from being reabsorbed as it passes through the body and is eventually expelled.

There are many different forms of Zeolite, but only crystalline Clinoptilolite Zeolite is safe for the human body to ingest. Soil Solutions crystalline Clinoptilolite Zeolite is mined in Northern New South Wales. Micronised Zeolite is milled to -10 microns to maximise surface area and absorption capacity and is a finer grade than Fine Zeolite.


health benefits of zeolite mineral powder


Using Zeolite Mineral Powder can have many potential health benefits:


+ Detoxifying the body of harmful toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and radiation

+ Supporting the immune system

+ Balancing the body’s pH level

+ Combating viruses

+ Supporting general health and wellbeing

uses for zeolite mineral powder


+ As a daily dietary supplement: 5g (1 level teaspoon) sprinkled in food or stirred into a glass of water

+ As a bath soak: 200g (1 cup) added to a warm bath

+ Foot bath

+ Mixed with water to form a paste as a facial mask or topical treatment to treat skin irritations

+ Animal feed supplement for detox and Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) buffer

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